Drop In Rules

Terms & Conditions

No Play Card Need To Play Drop-In

  • In order to keep drop-in fee affordable for all players anyone who RSVP yes and cancel 9 hours before the game or does not show up will be charged a $30 Indoor / $20 Outdoor NO show fee. This is to help cover the cost of the venue booked and discourage players from signing up for events they cannot attend. Note 3 strikers and your out. Failure to comply with this rule may result in being banned from the group. Thanks for your cooperation and look forward to seeing everyone on the field
  • Once you pay/register for a drop in game there will be NO refunds, NO exceptions
  • If the Game is Canceled due to bad weather or for any other reason you will get a credit for your next game of equal value ( Outdoor Games Only)
  • If you pay for a drop in games online, it is your responsibility to attend the games
  • Always be ready to show your proof of online payment to the game organizer before the game either by printing it or by showing it from your smartphone.
  • If you can’t show your payment then you will not be able to play
  • If you pay and RSVP for a game and you don’t show up, your payment is not transferrable and you will not be refunded.
  • Players are selected based on the Game Day RSVP list FIRST.
    If the game is not full or if players who RSVPed are late or didn’t show up, the priority to play will be as follows: Note players have till the schedule start time to arrive.
    Players who RSVP online and are on the waiting list and showed up on time. After the game starts and all the RSVPed are playing, it will be First come, First play for the rest if there are still open spots
  • Booking(s) are non transferable. If you cannot make a game, there will be no refunds.
  • If you “RSVP + 1” or +2 and your +1 or +2 do not show up, then you are liable for their fee.

Game Rules

No Play Card Need To Play Drop-In

  1. No fees – No play
  2. The game day organizer has the final say
  3. Zero tolerance for violent conduct. You fight – you are gone.
  4. 3 to 4 teams per game scenario: Indoor
    For each game 3 or 4 teams rotate every 6 minutes or after 2 goals. The winner of each sequence stays on the field for a maximum of 3 sequences in a row.

  5. Outdoor
    All outdoor games are capped at 26 player. This is to insure the most amount of playing time for every one .

  6. No slide tackles / just the keeper can slide in his or her box when going for the ball
  7. Zero tolerance for verbal abuse to players and the game day organizer